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Homemade herbal scented tea for well-being

Preparation: pour approx. 1/2 L of hot water over a handful of the mixture and cover, after 10 min. strain through a strainer or a white paper towel, drink as desired pleasantly warm, even long-term if necessary.


Use: the tea is delicious and has a mild taste, therefore it is also very suitable for children, has an overall tonic effect, has a beneficial effect on the mind and nerves, helps with insomnia / lemon balm, hops /, is an ideal means for daily drinking against stress and fatigue , exhaustion and weakness, but also in convalescence, it also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract / clover, motherwort, common sense /, and on other internal organs, we drink this tea all year round as an alternative to black tea and various fruit teas / strengthens the body's defenses - immunity /

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Ingredients: lemon balm, yarrow, motherwort, St. John's wort, St. John's wort, chamomile flower, peony, orange, cornflower flower, red clover, hop cone, cinnamon pieces, dried apples, peppermint - bramble, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf.

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