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Bronchial tea

Preparation: pour approx. 1/2 L of hot water over a handful of the mixture and cover, after 10 min. strain through a sieve or a white paper towel, you can add honey, drink pleasantly warm 1-2 times a day


Use: As a prevention of respiratory diseases / colds, flu, angina, etc. /, for various types of coughs / good to supplement with the use of syrups /, as well as a versatile breast tea, which is also tasty and recommended to be used mainly in winter, especially suitable for children / tastes great seasoned with syrups, honey, etc. /

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Brand: Eupatoria
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Category: Practical
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Ingredients: lsycamore leaf, flower and fennel leaf, black elder flower, linden, Moorish mallow, motherwort, dobromysl, mint, elm, rosehip fruit, orange peel.

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