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Soy candle Make A Wish

The candle called MAKE A WISH is mysterious but definitely not deadly like the Medusa on its label. However, Medusa has a lot to do with a name that encourages you to make a wish. According to Greek myths, Medusa was an extraordinarily beautiful woman with snakes instead of hair and whoever looked at her was turned to stone.

This candle with the scent of hazelnut, creamy almonds with a touch of Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood topped with a macaroon will take you to the rocks of the Greek Islands and it is up to you whether it will help you find your inner Medusa, an extraordinary and strong person or you will just let yourself drift on the sea waves.

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On demand
Brand: Alyša
350 Kč / pcs
Category: Candles
The item has been sold out…

180ml: up to 30 hours


Main: nut, creamy almonds
Marginal: coconut milk, vanilla, sandalwood, macrons

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