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Soy candle in upcycled beer glass

Hand-cast candle from natural, non-genetically modified, vegetable soy wax, in robust beer glass from upcycled bottles, cut in cooperation with local glass masters - from the glass region, from Czech glass, from bottles of Czech beers.

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Brand: Paní v lese
399 Kč –12 % 350 Kč / pcs
Category: Candles
vyr 229 upcy svicka jeleni
399 Kč –12 %

Made from soybeans and contains no pesticides, herbicides or petroleum additives (paraffin). When burning, it does not emit any harmful substances and the burning time of the candle is up to 50% longer than that of ordinary paraffin candles.

The glass has perfectly ground edges, it can be used again, for example, as a drinking glass or a vase for flowers. In addition, the handmade, non-washable French embossing forest motif can withstand everything, including endless washing in the dishwasher or hand scrubbing.

Inside the paper lid you'll find a conifer seed to plant because every tree counts!

Contents: 300 g

Glass height 10 cm, diameter 7.5 cm - 8.5 cm

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