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Activated carbon Binchio Start

Do you want to try Binchio? Then Binchio Start is just for you. Try this state-of-the-art plastic-free natural filter for sustainable home water filtration.

Binchio Start activated carbon is a famous Japanese binchotan of the highest quality and standards. We import this binchotan directly from Japanese artisans from the place of its original origin - the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture (formerly Kishu Province), or Kōchi (formerly Tosa Prefecture).

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Brand: Binchio
219 Kč / pcs
Category: Water filters

material: charcoal binchotan from the branches of Japanese oak Ubamegashi

box contains 1 stick of binchotan
our binchotan has a certificate of quality, origins and composition
one bar lasts on average 3+ months
one stick optimally filters 1 liter of water at a time
extremely light and portable
100% natural, it has many secondary uses.
No plastic. Zero waste
Filters only drinking (tap) water

Every bar you buy is unique and there is no similar in the world. Every branch of the Japanese Ubame oak is different, and activated carbon is made from it during handicraft production. Therefore, the weight and shape of the bars cannot be "standardized".