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Water carafe Uruz

This carafe is a combination of quality, original design and traditional Nordic mythology. On the carafe you will find a depiction of the sacred Viking rune Uruz, which symbolizes health and vitality.

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Brand: Binchio
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Uruz is a rune of life force. From the point of view of natural magic, it embodies the principle of vital energy, which stood and stands at the formation of everything new in the universe. For the ancient Vikings, this rune was a powerful spiritual symbol of physical health and healing.

The Uruz carafe is made of high-quality glass with an ecological profile, which does not contain lead or any pollutants and toxins, only certified raw materials. This makes it completely safe for your health and also environmentally friendly. Thanks to its shape, the carafe is perfect for placing Binchio charcoal filter bars.

What makes the Uruz carafe special:

original Czech-Slovak product, which was created in cooperation with local companies RONA, JTF and Binchio
made in Slovakia from high quality glass with an ecological profile
Unique design - depiction of the principle of vital force in the form of the sacred Viking rune Uruz
carafe manufacturer - Slovak company RONA - is one of the world leaders in glass processing for households, hotels and restaurants
All this makes Uruz a beautiful natural and useful interior accessory that meets the idea of ​​biophilic design.

Product features:

volume 1270 ml
quality sandblasted print depicting the sacred rune of the life force "Uruz"
it also contains an elegant cap
dishwasher safe
scratch and shock resistant
perfect optical properties of glass - endless transparency without milky coating

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