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Dishwashing liquid - lemon (by weight)

An effective hand dishwashing detergent. It easily removes grease and dried food residues, while being gentle on the skin of the hands. The pleasant essential oil of BIO lemongrass will make washing dishes a favorite activity.

Dosage: Disperse 1 tablespoon in water (approx. 3 ml per 5 l of water) or apply a small amount of product to the sponge.

Store in a dry and closed container. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice.

Origin and properties of individual components
Sugar, starch and coconut fat are the raw materials for the sugar surfactants used. Together with derivatives made from coconut fat and sulfur oxides, they form a combination of complementary and strengthening active cleansers with an excellent ability to dissolve fats and with a very high tolerability to the skin.

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Brand: Sonett
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Category: Handwashing

In the process of producing sugar surfactants and coconut oil derivatives, parts are obtained from the vegetable raw materials of starch, sugar and fat, which, however, remain fully preserved in their natural structure. It is therefore easy for microorganisms to decompose these surfactants quickly and completely. According to the OECD, sugar surfactants and coconut oil derivatives are easily biodegradable.

Principles of organic drugstore SONETT
• The products are 100% degradable, in the order of hours to days they decompose completely into common natural ingredients in water.
• Sonett refuses to use ingredients that are harmful to the environment and human health.
• The raw materials used in the production come from bio-dynamic or organic farming or free collection
• The water used in the production is bio-dynamically rhythmic and mixtures of energetically strong herbs and the essence of precious stones and metals are added to Sonett products.
• Sonett is the only eco-drug manufacturer to hold two eco-certificates.

Density: (20 ° C) approx. 1.04 g / cm³
PH value: (20 ° C, 5 g / l H 2 O) approx. 7.5-8.5


INCI: Aqua, alkylpolyglucoside C10 – C16 (lauryl glucoside), sodium C8 – C14 fatty alcohol sulphate (sodium octyl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate), alcohol, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, perfume *, citral *

* certified organically grown

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