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Washing powder COLOR - Sensitive (by weight)

Sensitive line designed for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.


The powder is suitable for washing colored fine fabrics made of cotton, linen and synthetic fibers.
Gentle to colors, suitable for washing from 20 ° C.
No perfume.

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Brand: Sonett
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Origin and properties of individual components
SONETT detergent contains as its main active ingredient soap which is made from various vegetable oils, palm, rapeseed, coconut and olive, by cooking with lye. The oils come partly from ecological resp. bio-dynamic production. Soap as an active detergent in a unique way combines all the properties necessary for the washing process to wet the dirt, dissolve it and absorb it. Soda is made by converting lime using table salt. ORTHOSILICATE is formed by melting silica sand and soda. With their alkalinity, soda and orthosilicate strengthen the washing liquor and support the release of especially fatty substances. Zeolite A and layered silicate have silica rocks as the starting material. In addition to their ability to bind calcium in water, these components also bind organic substances dissolved in the wash water and color pigments and prevent them from settling on the laundry. The coconut oil derivative supports soap in its function of dissolving fats.

Compared to all other cleaning agents, vegetable oil soap has the peculiarity that, immediately after use, it combines with calcium content, always present in the wastewater, to form calcium soap and thus neutralizes itself in its surface effect on aquatic organisms (primary degradation). Calcium soap is then 100% decomposed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). During the production process of sugar surfactants and coconut derivatives, parts are obtained from the vegetable raw materials of starch, sugar and fat, which, however, remain fully preserved in their natural structure. Therefore, it is easy for microorganisms to fully degrade these surfactants. Soap, sugar surfactants and coconut oil derivatives are considered by the OECD to be easily biodegraded.

Principles of organic drugstore SONETT
• The products are 100% degradable, in the order of hours to days they decompose completely into common natural ingredients in water.
• Sonett refuses to use ingredients that are harmful to the environment and human health.
• The raw materials used in the production come from bio-dynamic or organic farming or free collection
• The water used in the production is bio-dynamically rhythmic and mixtures of energetically strong herbs and the essence of precious stones and metals are added to Sonett products.
• Sonett is the only eco-drug manufacturer to hold two eco-certificates.

Bulk density: (20 ° C) approx. 0.8 g / cm³
PH value: (20 ° C, 5 g / l H 2 O) approx. 10-11


Složení: Zeolite, sodium soap*, sodium citrate, coco glucoside, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate, Quillaja saponaria*

*certified organically grown