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Water softener (by weight)

In many households, hard water flows from the tap, which causes higher detergent consumption and graying of the laundry during washing. With a softener, you can get rid of both of these problems.

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Brand: Tierra Verde
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Vysvětlující text za uvedeným složením: Neobsahuje ropné deriváty, fosfáty, chlór, syntetickou parfemaci, enzymy a barviva, odpěňovače, palmový olej, ani opticky zjasňující látky.

What it is and how it works

The softener consists of a mixture of minerals and organic substances, which have the ability to bind minerals and thus adjust the hardness of the water. The active substance of the detergent in the water binds only the impurities from the laundry instead of the minerals. In addition, precipitates do not settle in the textile, which manifests as dusting and graying. 

What is it used for

The water softener significantly improves the washing results in hard water. It reduces the consumption of detergent and reduces the settling of clots in textiles (washing and graying of laundry) and in the washing machine (especially applies to washing in soap detergents - soap flakes, soap slime).

How it is used

You can easily determine the hardness of the water with a test tape. If you do not have water from your own source, you can get more detailed information about its composition quality from the relevant water management company. Set the dose of softener and detergent according to the hardness of the water (you only need to do this once, the hardness of the water remains the same in one locality over the years).

Pour the softener into the detergent dispenser together with the detergent.

Dosage for 4 - 5 kg of laundry:



Soft> 4 ° dH

- - 20 g / l heaped tablespoon
Medium hard> 8.4 ° dH

20 g / l heaped tablespoon

50 g / 2.5 heaped tablespoons
Hard> 14 ° dH

40 g / 2 heaped tablespoons

50 g / 2.5 heaped tablespoons

60 g / 3 heaped tablespoons


Is the softener environmentally friendly?

In our softener we use minerals (zeolite, sodium carbonate) and organic substances (sodium citrate), which replace commonly used phosphates and phosphonates in ecological detergents.

Zeolites are plasticizers of natural origin, are a component of clays, and have the ability to bind especially magnesium and calcium, the most common cause of water hardness. They themselves are insoluble and become one of the components of settled sludge in treatment plants.

Sodium carbonate is a well-known soda for washing and sodium citrate is a preservative that is used, for example, in lemonades and flavored beers.

We consider phosphates and phosphonates to be undesirable in Tierra Verde because they cause eutrophication ("flowering") of water with all the adverse consequences of this phenomenon. Phosphates have been banned for washing for several years, but are in conventional dishwasher detergents. Phosphonates have replaced phosphates in detergents after the ban, but they have a similar effect on water.



> 30% sodium carbonate, 15-30% sodium citrate, 5-15% silicate
We choose the raw materials for the production of our drugstore so that they represent the least possible burden on the health of humans and the planet. We do not test on animals. This product does not contain petroleum derivatives, phosphonates, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

V Tierra Verde žijeme podle principů skutečně ekologického života, tedy True Eco. Hledáme souvislosti, zkoumáme podstatu ekologických problémů a nacházíme jejich řešení. Vyhodnocujeme a upravujeme je podle nových zkušeností a znalostí. V rychle se měnícím světě propracováváme další postupy a jsme v tom důslední a nekompromisní. True Eco tak tvoří jednoduchý, ale promyšlený rámec, v němž se všechny naše aktivity odehrávají. Výsledkem je 200 produktů téměř 100 % rozložitelných v přírodě, jejichž prostřednictvím vám pomáháme žít ohleduplněji, šetrněji a udržitelněji.

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