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Lavender water (by weight)

Organic Lavender Water is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. It also finds application in the care of mature skin. It is also so gentle that it is suitable for problematic skin prone to eczema and acne.
Its benefits include the induction of natural skin pH and gentle removal of pathogenic microflora, sebum and impurities. It is known from folk traditions that its aroma calms the psyche and promotes restful sleep. It is popular for versatile use and soothing scent.

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Brand: Purity Vision
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Category: Skin cleansing
Lavender water (by weight)
231,80 Kč from 57,95 Kč - - –50 % up to –50 %

Organic Lavender Water is made by gentle steam distillation from Lavender, which grows in the pink valley of the Bulgarian mountains. The collection of small flowers begins in the early morning hours, when the largest amount of essential oils is formed in the flowering of plants. The collected flowers are immediately transported for processing, while 1 kg of flowers is consumed per 1 liter of flower water. Only thanks to the short transport, which lasts a maximum of 45 minutes, the flowers retain their freshness and typical aroma. The processing takes place by double steam distillation, in which water binds plant waxes and biostimulators. Rare lavender oil is not separated during production, but remains inside. Thanks to this, Bio Lavender water does not need any preservatives or alcohol, it is more effective and thus ranks among the best lavender waters on the market.

Skin pampering: The advantages of Bio Lavender Water include gentle cleansing, soothing effect and reduced sebum production. Use it regularly as a toning lotion. It is also suitable as a base for skin oils. Thanks to Lavender water, oils are absorbed into the skin faster and easier. Also try applying it to the skin before applying your favorite cream. It is also priceless as a first aid to provide relief to the eye area or to alleviate redness of the skin.
TIP: Mix Rhassoul Moroccan clay PURITY VISION® with warm water and a few drops of Lavender water and apply a cleansing face mask. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse gently.
Body care: Organic Lavender water handles sunburned skin and small scars. You can also disinfect and soothe irritated skin after shaving or depilation. It can also serve as a quick refreshment on business trips and trips. The use of aromatherapy also has beneficial effects on the body. Lavender scents have a positive effect on stress and headaches. According to folk traditions, the smell of the bedroom or a couple of pillows on the pillow should lead to a peaceful sleep and to complete relaxation of the mind and body.
Beautiful hair: Organic Lavender water intensively regenerates the scalp. You can stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp. If you are bothered by irritated skin, apply a few drops for a calming effect. Organic Lavender Water is also an excellent helper against dandruff. For easier combing, just spray it on your hair. Enjoy this rinse-free care designed by nature.

STORAGE: Store all flower waters in the dark at room temperature. You can display larger packages on the shelf in the bathroom cabinet. The mini pack will be safe in your favorite handbag. During summer and warmer weather, we recommend using the fridge.

CERTIFICATES: Certifications that guarantee the highest product quality:

The PETA certificate ensures that none of our products have been tested on animals and do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.
At PURITY VISION®, we value all living beings, so it's against our belief to test anything on animals.

CPK bio
The designation "BIO" declares the origin of raw materials from organic farming (BIO) or free collection. CPK - Certified natural cosmetics guarantees that the content of ingredients in the product is at least 85% of natural origin.
At PURITY VISION®, we have pushed the boundaries even further. Our goal is that such products of our own production contain at least 95% of raw materials from organic farming.

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