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Organic face mist - Mint 100 ml

Refreshing and toning care for every skin type.


100 ml

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Brand: Purity Vision
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Category: Skin cleansing
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Treat yourself with refreshing beneficial care. Organic Mint Water is made by gentle steam distillation of fresh peppermint leaves. It is suitable for all skin types. It tightens pores and is therefore ideal for oily and problematic skin. You will love it in your daily cosmetic routine - for cleansing, toning or refreshing, but also for the care of the skin of the whole body, for example after sunbathing or as a soothing water after shaving. To harmonize the scalp and easily comb the hair, apply Bio Mint water to the hair. On hot summer days, you will appreciate the mint water for its cooling effects.
Peppermint is a popular herb for its unmistakable aroma and taste. Its benefits also include calming effects. As it promotes blood circulation while cooling, you will love it in the care of the surrounding eyes. Relieves circles under the eyes, minor swelling and fatigue.
TIP: Thanks to the fresh scent, you can also use Bio Mint water to freshen the air in the room.

Organic Mint water is created by gentle steam distillation of peppermint leaves, which grows in the heart of the Bulgarian mountains. Mint harvesting begins in the early morning hours, when the plants produce the largest amount of essential oils. The collected sheets are immediately transported for processing. Thanks to the short transport, they retain their freshness and typical aroma. Processing takes place in the traditional way using double steam distillation and Bio Mint water does not lose its valuable effects and typical refreshing aroma.

Use Bio Mint water after sunbathing, it has calming effects and cools pleasantly. You will like mint water to refresh tired feet after strenuous activity. Not only does it help blood circulation, but it also eliminates odors. It is also suitable for soothing the skin after shaving and depilation, it will give your skin hydration and a fresh feeling.
Organic Mint water facilitates combing and harmonizes the scalp. For comprehensive care, apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair.
TIP: You can spray Organic Mint water into your hair at any time of the day. The reward will be fresh and fragrant hair.
Certifications that guarantee the highest product quality:
The PETA certificate ensures that none of our products have been tested on animals and do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.
At PURITY VISION®, we value all living beings, so it's against our belief to test anything on animals.
CPK bio
The designation "BIO" declares the origin of raw materials from organic farming (BIO) or free collection. CPK - Certified natural cosmetics guarantees that the content of ingredients in the product is at least 85% of natural origin.
At PURITY VISION®, we have pushed the boundaries even further. Our goal is that such products of our own production contain at least 95% of raw materials from organic farming.
Certificate: CPK Bio
Skin type: Mixed