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Rhassoul - Moroccan clay by weight

Gentle cleaning with Moroccan treasure.

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Brand: Purity Vision
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Category: Skin cleansing

Moroccan Rhassoul clay is suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for problematic skin prone to eczema and acne. Rhassoul supplies the skin with beneficial minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and ferric manganese. Thanks to this, it excels in the ability to absorb toxins and impurities.
Moroccan women whitened Rhassoul for this property as early as the 6th century AD, when they used it in cleansing procedures. Its other benefits include strengthening the skin's natural resistance, slowing down its aging process and reducing blackheads.

Moroccan clay, also known as Rhassoul or Ghassoul, is a very fine soil that is mined in the northeast of Morocco. We have been importing it from this area for years.

Skin pampering: For deep skin cleansing, try Rhassoul as a scrub, cleanser or face mask. With its regular application, the excess activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated, dead skin remains are removed and pores are opened. It also helps with skin hydration and blood circulation, thus improving its revitalizing mechanisms.
Peeling and cleansing clay: Mix Rhassoul with water in a 1:2 ratio and a few drops of PURITY VISION® Raw Bio Argan Oil. Apply the resulting paste in circular motions to the pre-cleansed and damp skin of the face. Afterwards, slowly wash off the mask with lukewarm water. Gently dry your face with a towel and apply your favorite cream. With this procedure, you will rid the pores of unpleasant black dots and the skin will be perfectly clean and brightened.
Face mask: For more intensive cleansing, mix Moroccan clay with PURITY VISION® Organic Rose Water and a few drops of PURITY VISION® Raw Organic Argan Oil. Leave the caring face mask on for 1 to 5 minutes. Choose the duration and strength of the layer based on your skin type. When caring for sensitive skin, apply the mask in a smaller layer and do not let it dry completely. Instead of the hydrating Rose Water, you can include the soothing PURITY VISION® Lavender Water.
Body care: For a gentle cleansing of the whole body, you can use a paste created by mixing clay, PURITY VISION® Organic Rosewater and PURITY VISION® Organic Coconut Oil. Once the mixture dries, wash it off. Thanks to the paste, you will have clean and smooth skin. Rhassoul also has a beneficial effect on skin problems. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, prepare a bath or homemade wrap. For quick cleaning in the form of soap, just mix the clay with water. After that, the resulting paste should be applied to the skin of the hands, massaged and thoroughly washed.
Beautiful hair: Moroccan clay is also great as a shampoo that gently cleanses the skin deeply. For application, use a bowl in which you mix clay with water. Apply the resulting mixture to the roots of the hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm or lukewarm water. You can enrich this washing mixture with a small amount of quality oil. You don't even have to worry about using it on a very sensitive scalp, as Moroccan clay does not contain any aggressive detergents. After application, the skin will be beautifully soft.

WARNING: Even though Moroccan clay is 100% natural, it can make your skin slightly red. But you don't have to worry about anything. It's just a sign that you have sensitive skin. Use any of our Floral Waters to instantly soothe your skin. The next time you apply the mask, we recommend applying it in a smaller layer and for a shorter time.

CERTIFICATES: Certifications that guarantee the highest product quality:

CPK is an abbreviation of three words - Certified Natural Cosmetics. The certification guarantees that the product has met strict rules and contains ingredients of at least 85% natural origin. Furthermore, it does not contain synthetic compounds, GMO components, mineral oils, etc. At the same time, the products must not be tested on animals.

The certificate awarded by PETA ensures that none of our products have been tested on animals and also contain no ingredients of animal origin.
At PURITY VISION® we value all living beings and therefore it is against our belief to test anything on animals.


INCI: 100% Rhassoul - Moroccan Lava Clay.

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