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Raw Bohemia oil - Almond (by weight)

Bohemia Almond Oil is cold pressed from sweet almonds in RAW quality. It is known primarily as a cosmetic oil, but it also complements salads and sweet dishes. The oil is very fine and spreads beautifully.


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Brand: Bohemia olej
99 Kč 198 Kč from 49,50 Kč - –10 % –10 % up to –10 % 49,50 Kč / pcs 89 Kč / pcs 178 Kč / pcs from 49,50 Kč / pcs
MANDLE 100ML 910x1155
99 Kč 198 Kč from 49,50 Kč - –10 % –10 % up to –10 %

Skin oil

Bohemia Almond Oil will please all skin types, including eczematic, very dry or the softest skin of children. It is a great oil for massages - it does not damage bed linen and for its soothing effects it is popular in aromatherapy and relaxing massage rituals.


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