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Raw Bohemia oil - Bitter apricot kernels (by weight)

The light, dessert taste makes this oil a great culinary partner, which gently underlines either salty or sweet tastes. Bohemia Oil from Bitter Apricot Kernels is an equally versatile helper in skin care, even for the most delicate childrens' skin.


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Brand: Bohemia olej
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Skin oil

It has beneficial effects in caring for the sensitive skin of children and in nurturing the beauty of their mothers. It is well tolerated by sensitive skin. A significant proportion of active antioxidants and tocopherols brighten and rejuvenate the face. After the bath, lubricate the still moist skin of the whole body with Bohemia Oil of Bitter Apricot Kernels. The living enzyme component activates the cells and gives them hydration. It also works great for scalp. You will appreciate this ritual not only in summer, when you will protect your hair from drying out and support its natural shine. Rub a tablespoon of apricot oil into damp hair lengths. Leave on for at least 30 minutes and then rinse.


INCI:  Prunus Armeniaca seed oil

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