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Henna, Indigo & Amla - light brown hair color (by weight)

This is a mixture of Henna, Indigo, Amla and other Indian herbs to achieve dazzling light brown shades.

It colors light hair in light brown shades, adds a soft copper-brown sheen to dark hair, and covers gray hair just like our other colors.


• Has a beneficial effect on the scalp and eliminates hair greasiness,

• Prevents the formation of dandruff and other scalp diseases,

• Strengthens the hair and gives it a natural shine,

• Dyes hair in light brown shades depending on its pigment, covers gray hair.

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Category: Hair care


Notice! Before using henna and other natural dyes, it is not recommended to use shampoos and conditioners with silicones, which prevent the penetration of natural pigments into the hair structure. The hair should be clean and free of fixing hardeners and sprays.
Store in a dry and dark place.

What color will henna be on your hair?

It is important to realize that natural colors do not have the ability to lighten hair, so these dyes depend on the pigmentation of your hair.
The darker the original hair, the smaller the color effect.

Natural colors also have the feature that they dye everyone's hair differently, but the legend below can help you navigate yourself:


Before dying:

After dying: 

Myths about Henna

Henna will dye my hair green...
Genuine 100% pure henna only dyes copper shades depending on the current hair pigmentation.
However, henna can react green if you do not use pure henna, but henna with metallic additives. Sometimes chemical additives are added to lower quality henna to promote red pigments.

I can't use henna on chemically colored hair ...
After coloring with chemical dyes, we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks before henna application. This is so that henna can penetrate the structure of the hair and give it color pigment and beneficial effects.

With henna, hair can be recolored to any color ...
Naturally, henna always dyes hair only in copper shades depending on its pigmentation. Conversely, henna that dyes other than copper is henna with added dye. If the copper glare suits you, it is always better to use pure henna, as you can be sure of the maximum significant preventive and nourishing effects for your hair. For our customers who are not satisfied with the copper color, we have prepared several alternatives, such as cassia, indigo, henna & indigo.


Application instructions

We prepare 50g of henna in a bowl for short to 100g for long hair. Pour water over the powder at a temperature of approx. 60 ° C. Mix thoroughly.

We apply the created mix to washed and slightly damp hair, which we then cover with a plastic hat and a towel. Let the product work for at least one to several hours. The intensity of the coloring and beneficial effects of henna increases with the duration. Take your favorite book for now :) We wash the hair thoroughly and treat it in the usual way.




Lawsonia inermis (jemně mleté lístky henny), Indigofera tinctoria (jemně mleté lístky indiga), Emblica officinalis (rozdrcené ovocné bobule indického angreštu), Accacia concinna (jemně mleté struky shikakai), Bacopa monniera (jemně mleté lístky brahmi), Eclipta prostrata (jemně mleté lístky bhringraj), Nardostachys jatamansi (jemně mleté lístky rostliny nard pravý)


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