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Eye Make-up Remover

Easily and gently removes eye make-up, soothes and refreshes


100 ml

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Brand: Nobilis Tilia
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Category: Creams

Gentle eye make-up remover perfectly removes the delicate skin around the eyes. The light, oil-free formula does not burden or irritate even sensitive skin and can be used even by contact lens wearers. The active substance Aloe vera helps keep the skin hydrated and provides a soothing and softening effect. The contained essential oil from fennel lightly scents and refreshes tired eyes. After your makeup is removed, you're left with a silky feel and a light glimpse of your naturally beautiful self.

Take care to remove make-up correctly and gently. Apply a few drops of make-up remover to a cosmetic pad, press on the lid, wait for a moment so that the make-up has a chance to dissolve, and then wipe it several times downwards and towards the inner corner of the eye. Do not press the swab or rub the eye back and forth. Then rinse with water or clean with floral water. Finally, we recommend treating the eye area with Argan eye cream or Bioactive eye cream.

For every woman who uses make-up and requires thorough but gentle eye make-up removal without leaving an oily film. In professional cosmetic practice, it is ideal for further work with the eye area (eyebrow coloring, eyelashes, etc.).



Aqua (demineralized water)
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Pentylene Glycol (moisturizer, with antimicrobial effect)
Glycerin (moisturizer)
Betaine (betaine, moisturizing component)
Quillaja Saponaria Wood Extract
Saponaria Officinalis Leaf/Root Extract
Decyl Glucoside (natural surfactant based on vegetable oil and glucose)
Ectoin (moisturizer)
Panthenol (D-Panthenol, moisturizing component)
Foeniculum Vulgare Oil
Sodium Benzoate (sodium benzoate, preservative for certified natural and organic preparations)
Potassium Sorbate (potassium sorbate, preservative for certified natural and organic preparations)
Citric Acid (citric acid, pH regulator)
Limonene*.* - from natural essential oils

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