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Comb made of nimbus wood

The wooden comb is great for everyday care of your hair. It is made of beautiful polished wood of an exotic tree called nimba and will surely grow on your heart very quickly. Gentle combing with this helper protects the structure of the hair and scalp. 

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Brand: Tierra Verde
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Category: Toiletries

The great advantage of wooden combs over their plastic counterparts is that they do not break or electrify their hair. Thanks to the rounded teeth, the sensitive skin on the head is safe and, on the contrary, the natural massage benefits its good blood circulation. The shape of the comb fits perfectly in the hand. Regular combing helps keep hair elastic and soft. The wooden comb gently massages the skin and can spread the sebum well along the entire length of the hair, which is a very favorable process for their quality. The material is strong and durable, so it will benefit you for ages. The comb does not contain any artificial or synthetic substances and is therefore great for people with sensitive skin or fine and fragile hair. Comb made of nimbus wood - with handle. Dimensions: 19.5 x 4.5 cm. Hand made. Country of origin: India Did you know that imb… nimbus wood comes from the exotic Zaderah Indian tree (Latin Azadirachta indica), which has its origins in India and grows in monsoon and tropical forests around the globe? This medium-high, durable and undemanding wood has very dense and high-quality wood, which is why it is used for the production of furniture and various accessories. Its extracts have a wide range of beneficial effects on the human body. Folk medicine and Ayurvedic medicine have been used successfully for thousands of years.

V Tierra Verde žijeme podle principů skutečně ekologického života, tedy True Eco. Hledáme souvislosti, zkoumáme podstatu ekologických problémů a nacházíme jejich řešení. Vyhodnocujeme a upravujeme je podle nových zkušeností a znalostí. V rychle se měnícím světě propracováváme další postupy a jsme v tom důslední a nekompromisní. True Eco tak tvoří jednoduchý, ale promyšlený rámec, v němž se všechny naše aktivity odehrávají. Výsledkem je 200 produktů téměř 100 % rozložitelných v přírodě, jejichž prostřednictvím vám pomáháme žít ohleduplněji, šetrněji a udržitelněji.

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