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Hair Care Set "Mrs. Always Right"

There is everything you need for majestic, shiny hair in this gift set!
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Brand: Sisi and Joe
359 Kč / pcs
Category: Toiletries


- Sisi's natural volume shampoo gives your hair radiant strength and new energy.
The vegan formulation with valuable wheat protein gently cleanses and strengthens the hair structure.
The shampoo with sweet orange extract provides long-lasting, majestic volume and leaves a fruity-sweet scent. 200ml

- Sisi's Dreamy Curls Styling Gel transforms brittle, unruly hair into imperial curls!
With nourishing aloe vera and rich hazelnut oil, the gel creates a silky, shimmering shine and protects your hair from drying out.
Whether romantic curls or playful waves, the Dreamy Curls Styling Gel helps you to tame and define your hair. 150ml

- Sisi's Repair Hair Oil provides your lengths and ends with intensive moisture. The oil pampers your hair with a high-quality care complex made from pure coconut oil and apricot kernel oil. A small amount of the natural elixir is enough to give your hair a new shine. 30ml

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