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Toothbrush - Medium

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Brand: Tierra Verde
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This bamboo toothbrush is directly created for sensitive but thorough daily care of your teeth. The brush head meets the demands of modern design and, thanks to carefully developed ergonomics, it reaches even less accessible places in the oral cavity. The shape and arrangement of the bristles corresponds to premium conventional brushes. It is light, pleasant to the touch and, moreover, it looks dignified and aesthetically pleasing on the washbasin. Thanks to it, you will avoid the use of non-degradable plastics even where it is otherwise quite common. Bristle hardness: medium - medium Brush length: 18 cm Made in China. The handle of the brush is made of cut bamboo. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits perfectly in your hand. Soft bristles gently take care of your teeth. They are made of a mixture of nylon and vegetable plastic, the source of which is castor oil. They do not contain harmful BPA (Bisphenol-A) or phthalates. We recommend changing the brush regularly after 3 months. You know the right time when its fibers start to split. Our tip: When the toothbrush expires, its head can be broken off and thrown into the mixed waste. The handle belongs to the compost or you can use it again - for example as a name tag for flower beds. Why is bamboo so great? Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource. It is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Due to the natural content of antimicrobials, there is no need to use fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation. What about the degradability of bamboo toothbrushes? Bamboo is a purely natural material and is fully compostable. However, it is different with bristles. Although they contain a high proportion of plant components, they are not fully degradable and therefore not compostable. Until the 1930s, most toothbrushes used pig bristles, and this is also the only way today to have a toothbrush made of 100% decomposable material (if it has a body made of wood). We considered the use of pig bristles as a natural material. However, we consulted their use with dentists, according to whom they are not an ideal solution today. Microbes are more deposited on pig bristles, which does not meet today's hygiene requirements and, in essence, misses the effect. This is not a problem with nylon. And because it is not an animal product, it also harmonizes with the vegan approach to life. Bamboo bristles? Some companies claim that the bristles of their brushes are made of bamboo. If such a toothbrush gets into your hand, a simple test is enough: take a match and try what will happen if you expose the bristles to a flame. If the bristles look like nylon and start to dissolve in the flame as if they were made of plastic, it means only one thing: they are made of plastic. No toothbrush has bamboo bristles, because such bristles are simply not produced. Try to imagine wood bristles - and bamboo is obviously quite a similar material…

V Tierra Verde žijeme podle principů skutečně ekologického života, tedy True Eco. Hledáme souvislosti, zkoumáme podstatu ekologických problémů a nacházíme jejich řešení. Vyhodnocujeme a upravujeme je podle nových zkušeností a znalostí. V rychle se měnícím světě propracováváme další postupy a jsme v tom důslední a nekompromisní. True Eco tak tvoří jednoduchý, ale promyšlený rámec, v němž se všechny naše aktivity odehrávají. Výsledkem je 200 produktů téměř 100 % rozložitelných v přírodě, jejichž prostřednictvím vám pomáháme žít ohleduplněji, šetrněji a udržitelněji.

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