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Reusable cotton pads - 16 pcs

Comes in a beautiful box with a net for washing them in a washing machine!

Why choose washable make-up pads?

saves our planet because you don't create unnecessary waste
they do not take up much space in the bathroom
are great for taking them with you on holiday

How to proceed after using a pad?

either wash the pad immediately after use with a little soap and hang it to dry for further use
or store in a net and wash together with the laundry

Ideally washed directly in a practical net - the tampons do not get caught in the folds of the washing machine drum and are not destroyed.

You can also dry in the dryer.


Material: 70% bamboo + 30% cotton

Tampon diameter: approx. 8.5 cm

pieces in packaging: 16

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Brand: Renovality
329 Kč / pcs
Category: Toiletries
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