Zero waste

Zero Waste is a more responsible approach to life that seeks to reduce unnecessary waste. By minimizing waste, we contribute to a clean environment and a happier life for all of us.

Only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled worldwide, and the average Czech family today produces almost 1,5 ton of unnecessary waste each year.

Don't worry too much about how much waste you can reduce. The main thing is to start and the pyramid of five pillars of zero waste philosophy will help you.

These 5 easy-to-remember words help us to follow the principles of a friendly lifestyle in our daily decisions.

Let's say NO to excessive consumption and reduce our use of disposable things. Let's not waste it, buy in reusable containers and breathe new life into old things. We try to compost the waste we already create in the first place, and if it is no longer possible, at least sort and recycle.

Our story

Our story began a few years ago, when as a passionate diver I visited the beautiful island of Bali and where I wanted to see the gentle giants of the ocean - manta rays with my own eyes. Instead, I was in complete horror at what was floating underwater - pieces of plastic, plastic chairs and cups.leva-prava-xs leva-prava

At that moment, I realized that there was something wrong with our extreme consumption of disposable packaging and plastic "inventions" and I decided to live a little differently and at least try my best to avoid them. At that time, there were very few places in the Czech Republic that supported this philosophy, but fortunately I found one.

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And ever since I dreamed of a similar store that would sell customers goods in packaging they brought or that had already bee used. In August 2021 an opportunity finally showed up and my partner and I decided to take over the Kohoutek store within a few days.

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We now offer products mostly (almost 99%) from local suppliers, so products don't have to travel halfway around the world to get to you. We also offer eco and organic cosmetics, which are from Czech and Slovak companies and enthusiasts.

Last but not least, you will find products from mothers on maternity leaves and from people who employ the disadvantaged and handicapped.

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We try to do everything with a smile and the belief that more and more people will gradually find their way to this mindset and that we will expand our activities to smaller cities.

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Kohoutek krámek

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